Health Care

Health Care at GBDSS

The Health Care Technology course at GBDSS is a glimpse into careers in all aspects of healthcare. Students are engaged in hands-on activities daily in the state-of-the-art simulation lab, where they work through skills and problems with their peers in a group setting. With one high-fidelity mannequin and four low-fidelity mannequins, students learn to take vitals, perform first-aid and CPR skills, do basic care procedures and assessments. Some of students' favorite activities include medication administration, feeding, sutures, wound care, patient transfers and mobility aids. The courses all have an experiential component, where students do volunteer work during class time at the Georgian Village and The Villa Care Centre. These courses are also part of our Specialist High Skills Major in Health and Wellness.


TPJ2O - Grade 10 Health Care with a Mental Health Focus

This course introduces students to all aspects of their own mental wellness. Through a hands-on approach, students will participate in activities and strategies that promote their own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Students will investigate current child and adolescent mental health concerns, medical services, treatments, and technologies all related to mental health. Students will become familiar with various instruments and equipment and will learn about human anatomy, organs, and body chemistry, as well as the effects that lifestyle choices can have on personal well-being and mental wellness. They will plan recreational activities for youth, perform a dietary analysis, and evaluate current health care practices. Students will develop an awareness of cultural, environmental and societal issues related to mental health, and will explore secondary and postsecondary pathways leading to careers in the field.

Prerequisite: None

TPJ3M/3C - Grade 11 Health Care

This course enables students to develop their understanding of basic health care procedures, including the safe use of appropriate instruments, equipment, and materials. Students will focus on health care fundamentals, including health care terminology and the anatomical features and physiology of some major body systems. Students will develop an awareness of health and safety issues in the healthcare field, environmental and societal issues related to health care, professional practice standards, and career opportunities in the field.

TPJ4M - Grade 12 Health Care

This course focuses on the development of a range of skills needed to analyse and interpret clinical findings. Students will learn about accepted health care practices and demonstrate an understanding of basic procedures and the use of appropriate instruments and equipment. They will acquire an understanding of basic concepts related to the function of the human immune system and explore the relationship between pathology and disease prevention and treatment. Students will expand their awareness of workers' health and safety issues, analyse environmental and societal issues related to health care, and further explore professional practice standards and post secondary destinations in the field.

Prerequisite: Health Care, Grade 11, University/College Preparation

TPJ4E - Support Services

This course enables students to develop the basic skills needed for careers in a range of health care support services. Students will practice and apply a variety of clinical procedures and infection control skills as they learn about principles of infection control, service excellence, and the nature of the healthcare industry. Students will also investigate workers' health and safety issues, environmental and societal issues related to health care, and career opportunities in the field.