Georgian Bay District Secondary School

Culinary Arts & Food Services


The hospitality and Tourism program at GBDSS is an Integrated Experiential Learning Program introducing students to the hospitality industry with an emphasis on professional food service operations. The courses offered provide a unique opportunity to learn and develop skills in our student run school food production facility. It is truly a hands-on, workplace preparation program like no other. Students are introduced to professional cooking techniques and employability skills that will benefit them for life. You can expect excellent preparation for entry level employment, culinary skill development and post secondary career opportunities.

Our Courses:

Grade 10 - Hospitality and Tourism TFJ 201

Grade 11 - Double Credit Cooking TFC 3E2

Grade 11 - Baking TFB 3E1

Grade 12 - Double Credit Cooking TFC 4E2

Grade 12 - Culinary Arts & Food Service Management TFR 4C1

All of our courses provide students with opportunities to explore different areas of hospitality and tourism, with an emphasis on professional food service. Students study food handling and preparation, health and safety standards, the use of tools and equipment, the origins of foods, event planning, and regional tourism. Students also develop an awareness of related environmental and societal issues, and explore secondary and post secondary pathways leading to careers in the tourism industry.

Offering double credit and emphasis courses provides additional focus and instruction time for the practice and refinement of skills for students considering employment, apprenticeship or post secondary options in the hospitality and tourism industry.

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